Inflow & Infiltration

Does your wastewater treatment plant see high flows during storm events?  Does it effect your treatment plant capacity or capabilities?  Does this water cause your system to have Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO's)

Waters Engineering has recently signed and is signing contracts with the City of Charleston and the City of Steele to assist with inspection services and make recommendations on improvements to reduce the I/I in their systems.

As part of their CMOM, Charleston has been working with Waters in a multiphased inspection and analysis of their system.  With the help of a DNR wastewater study grant, they will be able to complete the initial inspection, which includes smoke testing and manhole inspections.  Waters will work with an outside contractor to complete the inspections and make formal recommendations for additional detailed inspection (CCTV, dye tracing, etc.) of problem areas found.  Waters will also provide recommendations for repairs/replacement of those areas for long term planning.

With the assistance of Waters, Steele will perform smoke testing and manhole  inspections utilizing City personnel.  Waters will assist with the detailed documentation and GIS location of problems found in one drainage basin known to have I/I.  The City has agreed to perform this work as part of an Abatement Order of Consent as developed with DNR using the assistance of Waters Engineering.

Waters Engineering has the capabilities to assist by performing the initial inspection, assisting an outside contractor, or assisting your own personnel with the initial inspection and then following up with additional recommendations on more complex inspection work and/or making repair recommendations.  Waters has years of experience with multiple clients on I/I consultations.